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Gemma Collins teams up with Strongbow

Surprising us as always, Gemma Collins revealed her hidden talent in her latest campaign with Strongbow.

The GC shared special moments from when she was in her twenties as part of the campaign based on refreshing memories.

“When I was younger, I used to love singing. The whole experience today has just been a dream come true!” she said. “I remember in my twenties, I just loved to sing! Singing has always been a passion of mine.”

Watch the full video here 👉



GC teams up with HTC for Kim-K shoot

Britain’s favourite diva Gemma Collins never fails to cause a stir and she certainly did when she teamed up with HTC for her spiciest and most unforgettable shoot yet.

Setting the internet on fire in these jaw dropping shots, the GC was transformed in the Kim Kardashian inspired shoot.

Gemma recreated Kim K’s most iconic selfies in impressive detail from chugging milk in white underwear to that famous bathroom selfie.

“Big thanks to HTC UK for helping me transform into my I.C.O.N Kimmie ‘GC-style’ – dreams can come true!” Gemma said.









New app to tackle maths crisis

The country is in the grip of a maths crisis which has led to a skills gap in science, technology and engineering.

Maths phobia has led to an alarming decline in standards which forced the government to reform GCSEs in the subject last year.

National Numeracy Day on May 16 aims to reverse the trend that 17 million adults possess the mathematics skills of a schoolchild.

Poor numeracy skills costs the economy £20bn per year and has huge implications for the nations personal finances.

Even those who believe they are good with numbers are still victims to never ending credit card repayments, poor-value mortgage deals and a significant lack of savings for retirement due to a lack of understanding figures.

But cZeus Maths Challenger, a new app which will be tested on students at Imperial College, will cure the nation’s maths malaise and help bridge the skills gap, according to professors who say that anyone can be a maths genius with the right practice.

The app is being launched mid-June and differs from other numeracy apps because it gamifies maths theory and provides a fun way for players to practice basic skills as well as learning more complicated concepts without having to know the underlying maths theory.

Rather than learn by rote, players pick up maths skills naturally without even realising. And cZeus also allows multiplayer games, adding a social element in which players can compete against each other for rewards and status.

The versatile app combines logic, numeracy, agility and memory skills in one puzzle and is suitable for any age group and any level, from school children to students to adults.

It has been developed in line with national curriculum requirements and can be used to reinforce classroom learning and encourage numeracy play. Only basic number skills are required to enjoy it.

Theoretical Computer Science Emeritus Professor Ray Turner of Essex University endorses the app.

He said: “This is a great way to get the interest of a wider range of people with no formal mathematical training in such an important discipline. cZeus is more powerful than other brain training games as it teaches a real-life skill and has the potential to play an important role in changing the cultural attitudes towards maths education in general.”

Former maths professor at Stirling University, Jon Greenman believes maths should be something people enjoy, rather than fear.

He said: “cZeus is a thoroughly absorbing game based on a smart idea and has the potential to take the player further along the path to a deeper appreciation and enjoyment of mathematics.”

cZeus Maths Challenger was developed by Dr Shohreh Blank, whose background in applied mathematics led to an interesting career in investment and fund management.

She realised that the maths skills gap was largely as a result of the way maths is perceived and practiced.

She said: “I noticed there were no interesting puzzles and games for the regular practice of numeracy and logic compared to crosswords and Scrabble for languages. I strongly believe that shortcomings in maths skills are a result of the lack of opportunities for practice and fun in a social environment.”

cZeus Maths Challenger will be available in the UK on Apple and Android platforms by mid-June and released in other English speaking markets throughout summer. It will be released in Portuguese in Dec 2018 and French, German, Italian, Japanese in 2019.


GC launches second Boohoo campaign

Gemma Collins celebrates the launch of her exclusive swimwear range with Boohoo.

The first GC x collaboration was a hit and this fabulous beachwear collection looks set to be another success.

Shot in a glamourous villa in Marbella, unforgettable pieces include the bright pink CANDY swimsuit and the off-the-shoulder ‘Baywatch’-esque swimsuit.

The range is available from a UK size 6 through to size 24.


Picture credit: The Sun





Kerry Katona exclusive with The Sun

Showing off her great figure, Kerry Katona wows in her recent photoshoot with The Sun.

Posing in gorgeous lingerie looking in the best shape of her life, she gives the lowdown on her strict exercise regime and healthy lifestyle.

Explaining she gets up at 5.30am daily for 20 minutes of yoga, her slim and healthy look has not gone unnoticed by the world.

Kerry also reveals her exciting plans for the future, including becoming a life coach and a motivational speaker.

She tells The Sun “I feel like I went through stuff so I could help other people. I feel like that is my calling in life.”

Describing life at home with her children as a “mad house” that she loves, Kerry says she also does yoga with her children and that they are “always singing and having a laugh.”

An inspiration for single mothers everywhere, Kerry goes on to say “I don’t have a nanny or a cleaner, I do everything myself. I’ve raised five wonderful kids. It’s not always been easy, but I’ve done it.”



Elliot and Sadie Wright

We are delighted to welcome Elliot Wright and Sadie Stuart Wright on to our celebrity books!

The popular couple are British television personalities, best known as the stars of The Only Way Is Essex and on Elliot’s own hit ITV show Playa in Marbella.

The newlyweds also landed their own reality show Elliot and Sadie: The Wedding on ITV.

Stay tuned for exciting projects from the glamorous pair coming soon!




HRP Equestrian at Dubai International Horse Fair 2018

HRP Equestrian – a unique luxury equestrian brand – was thrilled to attend Dubai International Horse Fair 2018.

The HRP team showcased the revolutionary WING saddle pads to horse lovers from around the world at the massive event in the Dubai World Trade Centre.

Interviewed by EXPO news, founder Helen Ross talked horse welfare and about her award-winning saddle pads.

Helen Ross talks horse welfare and WING saddle pads with EXPO NEWS at Dubai, Dubai International horse fair 2018. Purchase your HRP WINGS with worldwide shipping from our website – #HRPWINGS #wings The shape of the future.

Posted by HRP Equestrian on Saturday, 17 March 2018




The GC: How to Be a Diva

The very exciting news is that the one and only Gemma Collins is releasing a new book!

The Towie star will reflect on her rise to fame and give fans “everything they could wish for” according to her book editor, Grace Paul.

She added that Gemma is “one of the most iconic women in reality TV and is incredibly relatable” and said the book would be “honest and extraordinarily funny.”

“I’m living proof that anyone can channel their inner diva and I’m so excited to be sharing my rise to the top as meme queen with this book! I hope you’re ready to embrace the GC life.” said Gemma.

The GC: How to Be a Diva will be published in hardback on 14th June 2018.