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New client alert! We are proud to welcome celebrity client Chloe Jasmine to TM Media.

Chloe Jasmine is reality superstar with appearances in The X Factor, Celebrity Big Brother and The Face. A triple threat in the celebrity world as an actress, singer and model Chloe Jasmine is a firm favourite in the public eye and always secures a spot in the headlines.

We look forward to working with Chloe Jasmine and continuing her path to stardom.

Ultimate connexions

Sam Bains from Ultimate Connexions has had a long career in the property business. Naturally she’s got the answer to every question about the property market in Luton, a market that has seen rapid changes within the past few years due to an extraordinary investment boom.

Today, we’ve been out in Luton shooting videos of houses and flats that are currently for sale. Sam’s outgoing personality made her a great fit for presenting the properties on camera, allowing a wider audience to take note of how much the town with short distance to London has been changing.
Our first stop was a set of one bedroom flats and studios in the town centre which seemed like a great place for aspiring investors who want to set foot in the property market. Spacious and well lit, these flats are especially attractive for younger people who live on their own or with a partner. Sam emphasised how the developers managed to use every sq cm efficiently to create both space and storage.
Before heading to the next property, we went back to the Ultimate Connexions office where the staff celebrated an impressive 25 years of business with cake and champagne. Cameraman Bob captured the moment in which Sam thanked her team for the hard work they put in over the years and was optimistic about more successful years ahead of them. As the food diminished, we got ready to approach our last destination for the day.
28 Abbey Drive was by far the trickiest property to shoot – the ‘curse’, as we retrospectively referred to it, started by misplacing the keys which, after a long time of looking literally EVERYWHERE, turned up magically under Sam’s computer keyboard. Relieved by the fact that we managed to enter the house in the end we continued the filming process. It wasn’t until the last shoot for the day in which Sam walked out the front door while talking into the camera and the door closed behind her with both the keys and all of our belongings inside!
To our luck, Bob isn’t only an excellent cameraman but a brilliant climber as well and since the bathroom window on the first floor was open, we were able to access the building again shortly afterwards.