Kerry Katona exclusive with The Sun

Showing off her great figure, Kerry Katona wows in her recent photoshoot with The Sun.

Posing in gorgeous lingerie looking in the best shape of her life, she gives the lowdown on her strict exercise regime and healthy lifestyle.

Explaining she gets up at 5.30am daily for 20 minutes of yoga, her slim and healthy look has not gone unnoticed by the world.

Kerry also reveals her exciting plans for the future, including becoming a life coach and a motivational speaker.

She tells The Sun “I feel like I went through stuff so I could help other people. I feel like that is my calling in life.”

Describing life at home with her children as a “mad house” that she loves, Kerry says she also does yoga with her children and that they are “always singing and having a laugh.”

An inspiration for single mothers everywhere, Kerry goes on to say “I don’t have a nanny or a cleaner, I do everything myself. I’ve raised five wonderful kids. It’s not always been easy, but I’ve done it.”



HRP Equestrian at Dubai International Horse Fair 2018

HRP Equestrian – a unique luxury equestrian brand – was thrilled to attend Dubai International Horse Fair 2018.

The HRP team showcased the revolutionary WING saddle pads to horse lovers from around the world at the massive event in the Dubai World Trade Centre.

Interviewed by EXPO news, founder Helen Ross talked horse welfare and about her award-winning saddle pads.

Helen Ross talks horse welfare and WING saddle pads with EXPO NEWS at Dubai, Dubai International horse fair 2018. Purchase your HRP WINGS with worldwide shipping from our website – #HRPWINGS #wings The shape of the future.

Posted by HRP Equestrian on Saturday, 17 March 2018